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I think she was Mennonite too. She converted and they have a good life together: D Just my personal thoughts, expectations and experience: Okay, just to add some more, from my perspective Let's say this person is of a different culture and not just a non-Christian , and you think you really click and have a future?

Well, for me the only way to see if we could have a future together was to date - that way WE could figure out how we fit into each others' cultures. Dating is all about finding if two people, regardless of culture or religion are compatible. That's how we do it in my culture, because for us engagement is a very different concept Tbh, at first we had a REALLY rocky relationship. Lots of misunderstanding, fights, no communication.

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We are both stubborn people. We both got over our differences and learned to work together. Learn to compromise, and if you can take him to church with you? That's what Lutherans do my family is not strict about religion, and women in my culture convert, and I'm on here for a reason obviously So, if this guy matters enough to you, and you are both willing to sacrifice for each other, than why not date? What you need to see. Give it time - we did and now I cook him mologheya all the time: D mmmm so delicious. I have had to do things against my culture for him and him for me, but if God wills it and you are meant to be together under His will, then things will be what they are meant to be.

And his family is accepting of us whew for me: D I've met them a few times, have them on facebook. So, if by God you are meant to be together then things will work out - just try to be understanding of one another. Try to introduce him to your culture too, it really helps. So, have faith, communicate and work together, be equals in the relationship - or whatever you can consider it.

Hi everyone, this is a very interesting topic that always is on my mind but first most I always says what does God feel towards us dating. I was told God is forgiving and merciful. I'm in a relationship where I live with my bf and his mom.

I have been with him for a year and I know what happens between us is wrong. MY guilt bothers me every second. They are egyptin coptics His mom said my sons don't like to be rushed into commitment or the runaway. My problem is im a new christian and lost my family because i chose Christ.

Hey Susu, Could it be that because you have found the truth the devil is trying his best to ensnare you? Susu, when you said you become Christian I am assuming Coptic Orthodox. If so you could go to your priest and tell him your situation.

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Actually, even if you are not Coptic Orthodox find an Orthodox priest and share your story - you will be surprised by how much better you will feel and the practical advices you will get. Susu, forget about what has happened so far and make new plans. The devil give us false repentance by over regretting our sins. You know, the kind of repentance that Judea had after he betrayed Christ. But this leads to self distraction as we see in Judea's case - suicide. The right kind of repentance is a practice of moderation: Hopeful, not because we are great but because we know God will deliver us - we don't doubt this no matter what our current state is.

The Lord that brought you this far will not abandoned you. The Lord will complete the work of salvation that He has started in you. To my dear sister Susu, I hope you are ok.

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I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I know that you have been through a lot to follow Christ and I know that you are so precious to Christ and your sacrifice is very precious in His eyes. From what you have written I am concerned that the family you are staying with are not being good to you, please be very careful. You are right, that God does not want us to live in sinful relationships and I am very deeply sad that you have met Christians that have led you to sin. Please forgive them, they are disobeying Christ's commandments and must have caused you much pain. It is true that God is merciful and forgiving, but like you said this is not a reason to continue sinning, it is a reason to always have hope when we repent and never to despair.


You are loved infinitely by Him, and He like in the story of the Lost sheep and the Prodigal Son seeks the lost and rejoices with great joy when we turn to Him. I will pray for you, that Christ may protect you and guide you. The word of God says:. I think some of you know how to turn on the charm.

You know how to do it. Ladies, let me tell you something…. His brain just goes on freezer mode. His brain just dies and just becomes a dead person because charm is deceitful and some of us unfortunately know how to use that. So guys, we gotta be stronger against that stuff!! World says outside focus, God says inside focus. You chose who you rebel against and you chose who you submit to. I wish I can just focus on my inner beauty, my outward beauty is a curse to me.

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Let me tell you something ladies…. You attract what vibe you put out.

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So, the ones who are putting out the Godly vibe are attracting the Godly but if you are consistently time after time after time after time attracting the physical, the guy that cares nothing about the inside, the outside guy, then I have bad news for you. You may be putting out the wrong kinda vibe. So I need everyone to ask themselves these questions…how much time do you spend investing in your outward beauty. Compare that to the time you invest in your inner beauty. Fashion today abouna Anthony is tight and skimpy and this and that.

I think that when you look at the word of God, the word of God talks a lot more about dressing in modesty and acting in modesty than it does about keeping up with the fashions of the world.

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Look at this verse, he speaks very specifically, take this literally…. Whoever it is, I gotta get married. I need to get married. I need a guy in my life! Now, for this particular one, I called in an expert to speak to us about this one and the expert is my lovely wife. Can you ladies say what she said up there? I want to get married, I really really want a husband and kids and a dog and a fence and all that kinda stuff, but you know what God?

I need a spouse!