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I have absolutely no idea what tumblr is.. Also, not sure if this has come up but is this all she does? Damn it, I was half hoping it was some Tumblr chick who reposted that awesome bankerella thread Where did you get that idea? It is probably an older career than banking. By the look of things, she only deals with AAA rated clients - as any sensible business person would: I, for one, appreciate her hustle.

She is doing her research, profiling her targets, and executing a plan.

Guys fall for this shit, all the time. If they simply said no this house of cards would collapse quick, fast and in a hurry. Like seriously, if you are going to be an ATM to a woman why not just get high end hookers?

Never rely on a no-charge lunch…(R.I.P Craigslist, Bye-bye SeekingArrangement)

At lease you won't have to listen to their inane conversations or deal with their equally retarded 22 year old friends. But props to the flake that wrote the article. If you're a 40 year old guy creeping on 22 year olds and you think the game is about true love you're an idiot. Too bad guys don't ask out the smart girls often though.

Date a girl that has and is use to money. We won't have this problem. I actually agree with you. Unfortunately the girls who fit this critieria and are also attractive, fun, and single are few and far between.

For an example of mercenary men, check out the various threads on this site where wannabe bankers ask which teams in banks pay the highest, have the most prestige etc. But yea, props to them for their initiative. Only a dude that is a complete idiot for fall for this kind of stuff. Do a lot of bros not realize the sheer number of girls out there? What with dating apps, bars, clubs, etc etc. And new ones coming onto the scene every.

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If any attractive woman ever says she wants to have sex with you, she's clearly only after your money. So both parties know what they're signing up for? The chicks know that the dudes with any common sense are never going to respect them enough to make it serious. The ideal scenario for the dude would be if he could transition into banging this girl for free. And the ideal situation for the chick is if she could get secure this lifestyle without being a prostitute that's what these chicks are after all. If you're a dude using these web sites and end up marrying one of these chicks, you deserve everything you get.

I enjoyed reading this article, haha. I honestly do believe this is an actual occurrence. As many previous posters have stated, women aren't oblivious. Although, many may act like it, the information written above isn't exactly confidential. If a woman were to browse WSO and do some google searches I am sure she could approximate different career demographics and their respective salaries. Do you people really think that women are incapable of knowing what " front office BB " means? Anyone who spends anytime with an investment banker, especially one that works for a BB , will know what that term means they make sure you know how prestigious their job is.

I mean, you really have to be an idiot to think that only investment bankers can understand this term. This is probably why these parasites latch onto you fools.

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Anyone else find it excrutiating trying to read through this? The least she could do is know how to write in a educated manner if she did this she may be able to increase her odds of finding that "Suga Daddy" that she so desires. All I am saying is I find it attractive when woman can read and write. She's probably a feminist too.

To those of you with, uh, less experience, all I can say is, don't let yourself be a slave to this type of useless human being I can already see the summer analyst 's threads now: Should I buy her a new iPhone as well? Seems a lot of people are convinced this isn't real I can tell you that these people absolutely exist. Stay far the fuck away from them. You must have missed a vikram something's post about having bought a girl a MacBook and seeking relationship advice Actually this is exactly what I was thinking when I wrote that I still can't believe that shit was real. Still laugh my ass off when I think of that thread, one of the most epic shitshow threads on this site.

I hate to say this, because it makes one sound like such a Cretan This thotianna is clearly an exception who's crazy knowledgeable, but I highly doubt the vast majority of gold diggers know even half as much specific information as in thotianna's post. Echo what some of the guy's above have said.

A girl on tumblr wrote a guide on targetting different types of bankers for money....

If you ask the average banker's gf what he does for a living, the best answer you would probably get is "stocks and bonds". Y'all act like you can't google " investment banking salaries " and get the info. And kudos to this site, because it will usually pop up within the first 2 or 3 sites returned. Older dude at work told me once, "man look, you'll pay for some pussy, dude.

I don't ever see myself tricking off my money like that for some ass.

But some older dudes, who either know their wife only married them for their money, only married their wife because she was fine back in the day, or simply don't give a shit, ain't got no problem dropping money to get some new, new. Plus as Lil Wayne said it ain't tricking if you got it. Why do I fear there is an online community somewhere, where girls like ask questions like: I was on a date my first year out of school and I was asked what my title was at the time.

Threw me for a loop. However, not the brightest considering she knew I had just graduated and what company I worked for; could have avoided creating tension by being patient and doing some research after the date. On my uni's facebook page there was something similar to this with girls trying to pick up future doctors from our med science faculty. Looks like they're catching on with future IB'ers. Why would anyone want to date a doctor?

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They're horrendously in debt, aren't as rich as they make it out to be, and are cranky from working with difficult patients all day. The only difference is that they deal with impossible clients instead of patients. Doctors have waaaay more debt than bankers. Even if just for the reason that doctors don't get year-end bonuses the way bankers do To anyone who thinks OP is fake and gold-digging women are not that smart Uhmm clearly you have never seeked out these type of women or hanged out with them. A thread a while back myself and wallstreetplayboys started to discuss these types of women.

They are smart and workoholics. You may laugh when I say workoholics, but trust me as much as a finance guy always wants a bigger bonus or more success, these ladies always want the next thing in life they cannot get. Anyways, for those who know how the game is played it goes both ways. The expectations on these women in and out of the bedroom are high, so they should be doing their due dili as should you. Trust me these ladies sponge up details, always keep the conversation at the surface. Pretty sure she's for real and wants to go to a target school as her exit Living in the states that year for my masters I'll definitely still get my whore on: D and I'm sticking to the big cities.

Disgusted by that list of schools.