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Prime Minister & I

Yoon Hee is getting manhandled by the gangster in his hospital room as he demands to know who she is and why she is here? He grabs her which is when Hye Joo and Da Jung marches in. Da Jung steps forward and tells him to stop it! He grabs Da Jung and Hye Joo and asks them to play with him. The gangster grabs Hye Joo and she ends up wrenching his arm behind him. Da Jung grabs a gift box and smashes him over the head with it. They rush out of the hospital room with the gangster yelling behind them.

Once they are safe, Yoon Hee reluctantly thanks Hye Joo for saving her. Hye Joo grouses that Yul is only in the hospital because of a certain someone so how dare Yoon Hee come visit. Hye Joo will bring her a change of clothes later and Da Jung thanks her. Da Jung asks Hye Joo what she wanted to talk to her about earlier and whether it involves Yul? Yul is on the phone with Man Se who thinks his dad is overseas for work. Yul hears that it was Woo Ri who gave the perfect excuse to his siblings not to worry them and Da Jung compliments Woo Ri on growing up.

Yul then asks Da Jung what she wanted to say to him since when he was being rushed into the OR he heard her saying that she had something to tell him. Da Jung quickly excuses herself so that he can fart in freedom. Joon Ki hears that Yoon Hee visited Yul in the hospital and calls her crazy for visiting. Yoon Hee wants to go talk to her dad but Joon Ki tells here there is no need.

Could it be because of Da Jung? In Ho asks Dad to thank the church volunteer who takes care of his brother when Dad sees her next time. In Ho stares and looks shocked. Yul comes home and the boys greet him happily. Yul thanks Woo Ri for taking care of the house and his siblings during this time. Yul wonders where Na Ra is? He calls her cute when she compares herself to an angel and that makes Na Ra giddy with happiness. Yul is back to work already and Da Jung storms into his study and confiscates all his work because he needs to rest right now.

The President thanks him for taking the fall for the sake of politics. As Joon Ki is leaving, his secretary asks why he is doing this? Joon Ki has grown weary of being manipulated by his father-in-law and wants to rest for now and think of his next steps later.

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He goes to share the information with Joon Ki. He was also the person with Na Young when the accident happened. Joon Ki asks if In Ho thinks Yul caused the accident? If he has evidence of such then Joon Ki will make sure to destroy Yul. Hye Joo goes to the florist and gets a lovely bouquet intended for someone she really wants to thank.

She writes a note to go with the bouquet. Yul attends church with Da Jung and the kids and wonders why they are here? Da Jung reveals they are here to hear Woo Ri sing.

Female Prime Minister ep 12 (Engsub)

He gave up the band but is continuing to sing at church. Woo Ri sings before the service begins and Yul watches his eldest son pursue his passion for music. After church Yul talks with Woo Ri to give his approval for Woo Ri to continue pursuing his musical dreams? He asks if Woo Ri is doing it just to oppose Yul? Woo Ri negotiates it down to second place in his class. Na Ra is looking for the cute oppa when a bunch of mean girls walk over to warn her to stay away. She introduces Da Jung as her mom and tattles to Da Jung that the girls were being mean to her.

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Da Jung warns the girls to behave and they quickly run off. The five of them head home happily. She ends up leaving the bouquet and note there for him. We see five sets of slippers all lined up and then the family of five come home together. Da Jung tells the kids to prepare for bed and then she and Yul find the bouquet on the table. Yul reads the note from Hye Joo and remembers that she was waiting for him to come home.

His ex-wife was a musician which is why he opposed Woo Ri pursuing music, worried that it would trigger memories of her. But that was his own feelings of not wanting to remember his wife. She feels angry that her mom left early as well but really she ought to feel sad that her mom left and they are all still alive. Yul wants her to go rest but she wants to read to him first. Yul stops her and points out that he read the book and there is no such section in the book.

Da Jung says there is but Yul says that a woman confessing first makes her seem easy. Da Jung admits she wants to live longer and leaves the room. Da Jung knocks on his car door and he quickly puts the pictures away. He confirms the book really is different than what she read last night. Da Jung walks with In Ho and he tells her to visit her dad next time and bring something tasty.

He then changes the subject and says he likes seeing her smile as she hangs out with him but wonders how long this will last. Will one day Da Jung look at him differently than this? Da Jung picks up on his worry and asks if what In Ho wants to do involves his brother. In Ho is about to say that the person who caused his brother…. Da Jung figures In Ho wants revenge and tries to talk him out of it. He should live his own life well rather than looking for revenge. Yul stands in his office and broods over Da Jung not wanting to leave his side.

Prime Minister and I Episode 12 Recap | A Koala's Playground

In Ho rushes in and reveals that Joon Ki resigned his position. Hye Joo tells In Ho not to be surprised if more shocking changes were to happen. Yul and Hye Joo walk through campus and he smiles at the fond memories he had here especially with Joon Ki. Yul sighs and wonders when he will end his feud with Joon Ki?

How far back will he have to go to before their friendship changed? Hye Joo would go back to when she was in junior high and the gangster girl in the neighborhood.

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They reminisce about their first meeting and how she called him a sleazy ahjusshi. She thanks him for bringing hope back to her life and letting her find a purpose again when she has been rebelling and giving up coming from an abusive father who beat her. She hands him her resignation letter through her tears and tells him to take care of himself and live a good life.

She likes him, and has liked him since they first met. Hye Joo walks away leaving Yul staring sadly at her. In Ho stops Hye Joo as she leaves with her box. Hye Joo reminds him that the day she tells Yul how she feels is the day she leaves his side.

She asks In Ho to take care of Yul for her. Your email address will not be published. I so wanted the first wife to be dead. But the clue in the earlier episodes that she is "missing" is reassurance enough that the writers have planned this turn of events. But the first wife being alive, and yet Kwon Yul and Nam Da Jung can still get together would be more meaningful. But it is really worrying for Nam Da Jung because she's been told all the time that "she is not the real wife, not the real mother.

Hopefully Kwon Yul would step up his game if and when that time comes. What scares me about the wife being alive is him taking a step back from NDJ.


It would crush her if she had to step back and wait for him to sort out his feelings. Would this make her turn to Chief Kang?

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I'm so anxious about the next episode. Tsk tsk-ed at Kang In-ho. Doesn't he realise his grudge is misplaced? He does, doesn't he? His brother was planning to run away with someone else's wife. If anything, it was him and Na-young who were at fault. Does anyone know what the ending song is called for the recent episodes? The lyrics are like "I want to touch you" or something like that..

That Na Young was alive? The article said she is 'missing', not 'dead'.

Also, when we saw the car crash again a few times, especially when they revealed Soo Ho was the driver, the seat next to him was empty when he crashed into the river, meaning Na Young was flung out of the open door before impact.