Matchmaking destiny vault of glass

In order for you to tackle the difficult challenges posed by the raid you must first overcome another challenge — finding five other people that are willing to join you. Moreover, these five people, as well as yourself, must be really skilled as the Vault of Glass will test your skills to their limits. There have been other stories, of course. You typically won't get assholes, and even if you do it'll just teach you to spot the kind of language or demands they may put in posts.

You don't have to miss out, and you don't have to be afraid to try joining or making a group. Just always be honest about what you can do, what you have, what you know, etc. And remember that you don't have to stay in a group if they turn out to be jerks; you have the power to leave. I have never had a consistent group of people or clan mates that play at the same times as me and want to do the same activity as me at the same time.

Highly overshadowed by all the neutral or outright fun runs. I don't think it is at all an unreasonable request that everything I need to have a complete and positive experience with the game should be found in the game itself. Not too mention you seem to think that the majority of the community know about Reddit, theio, LFG, etc. Until you have actually experienced the nightmare that some LFG raids turn into, it is probably difficult to conceive how disastrous that Matchmade raids would be. Honestly, I play on Xbox. None of my IRL friends even play games at all.

Yet I have been able to complete Oryx, get my ToM and a host of other things. If you haven't raided it is because you haven't made the effort. And I mean that seriously. I see your point but why should you have to go out of the game, that's full of people, to find people.

If not matchmaking, they should at least come up with a way to add some kind of LFG in game. Seems lazy and lacking foresight on their behalf. If you don't have an Internet capable device that can access a website then you shouldn't be playing destiny.

Destiny vault of glass not matchmaking

The ps4 even has a Web browser. I'd love to see matchmaking for some of the end game content, like the raids and such. There are those of us too that just want to pick a mode and go. I often don't get a whole lot of time to devote to playing without interruption, so I don't want to spend half or more of that time looking for a fireteam. Matchmaking would make those particular things easier for those in similar situations.

There's good and bad to it, but I think it should be an option. And it should be optional. That's one thing I think The Division got right. Matchmaking was quick, easy to do, and completely optional. I don't see it happening at all for Destiny, but I think Bungie should add it to Destiny 2. Because you'd get trolled by afkers and people just trying to be detrimental to the group. Use lfg sites because it is super easy. Id be all for a place in the tower where you can goto booths similar to the vaults and post your name saying you want to do insert non-matchmaking activity here and have someone invite you or invite people yourself.

When I did my first raid, I was a person without any friends who played the game and I also mic-less.

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Yet I still managed to find 5 other players online on a LFG site who were fine with me being mic-less and we completed the raid a few hours later. And a few months later I met a group of people who liked playing with me even though I was mic-less Im not anymore mind you and I still play with those people a year and a half later.

Its not as big of a deal as you think it is for there to be no matchmaking for things like raids. For a game like Destiny, its the community that really helps the game be great, including meeting random people online. It'd take less time than coming here to complain about it. While it would be amazing if LFG was in game, it's not. The community solved the problem and there's no reason not to use it.

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I use it 4 or 5 times a week and I don't recall ever having anything but a great time. I feel like I'm missing out and that I'm being kind of blocked out of content I payed for. It probably would be rather annoying to try to get match made into a public team that is capable of completing it, but the option to try to would be great. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Thanks for the shoutout for my site! Single level 29 hunter wanting to do hard raid. Level 30 titan looking for hard raid. Anyone starting raid soonish? Help on vault of glass strike!!!!