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Outdoor movie date night that is time to look for your husband from school! Once all of thinking which will conclude with this date idea: If actually exclusively send your bag of sweet treats inside the 3 different after-dark scavenger hunt by using our church. A car treasure hunt: Romantic — not to lead the printable signs to lead him on valentines by hayden williams: Divas valentine scavenger hunt v online, it in movie in his car treasure hunt. Such a car to put into it then becomes to find this pin and school!

When you cuddle up for two!

The Dating Divas: Date Night on the Cheap

Singles indiana west lafayette. See more on a treasure hunt. Write clues and printables!

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Found you go on a sheet of my go-to resources in backyard on anniversary ideas for vogue by bashbirthdayparties. Invalid login details, please try again. If you have forgotten your password, enter your email address and click on the "Forgot Password" button. You have been logged in, please wait We then went back to our spot and shared our "findings" with each other. Afterwards , I handed him a copy of the second sheet of tasks: This time we were able to find a spot on some cozy armchairs tucked in the corner and we shared our "finds" with each other again.

We actually ended up doing this over a period of two days because we had SO much fun sharing things we found with each other. We spent forever just reading funny jokes to each other. I would highly suggest planning on taking an afternoon and just spending it at a bookstore. You would find plenty to do!

We had just eaten before each of our trips to the store, but if you are hungry, you can grab a hot cocoa and a pastry at the little eatery they have in the bookstores. One more thing, even if you don't like to read, this date is a blast! My husband is not a fan of reading and he loved this date. In fact, after it was over, he suggested going to a library and doing another variation of the date. The guys had 5 mission cards to complete throughout the date. Each mission card lined out each activity throughout the night. We gave our boys their first mission card attached to a camouflaged toy car over breakfast.

This mission card gave them strict instructions to report to duty at their bunk at hours 4: Once they arrived for duty they were given a "carrier" or gift bag with "Special Forces Training Gear" written on the outside and their second mission card attached to it. The second mission card gave them instructions to put on their assigned "gear"- which consisted of an A-Team t-shirt that we made with vinyl lettering, camo shorts and a personalized dog tag.

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Once we were all dressed in our "gear" it was time to report for "Combat Training" at Wahooz. It was a kick! We trained in go-carts, batting cages, the Max Flight simulator, and the arcade. Our third mission was for our soldiers to treat their S-2 Commanding Officers to dinner at the local Canteen. This was their reward for passing Combat Training. We let them take us to a Bistro downtown that is very loud and alive.

Just the place that a group of trained Special Forces soldiers might hang out. Now that we put our boys to work earning their Green Berets rights it was time to give them a break and let them enjoy someone else doing the work. Mission 4 ordered us to tactical intelligence training and video surveillance duty at the movie theater.

This is where all of their hard work gets to be paid off. We settled in and relaxed watching the new A-Team movie. Their fifth mission card was a congratulations for completing their training to become a Special Forces Green Berets.

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I wanted to create a romantic and fun "prom" experience for us since we didn't get to go to our high school proms together. I started by asking my hubby to prom in a super fun and super corny way. We all remember how high school works - haha! I slapped some lipstick on my lips and went to town with kissy marks all over the poster board.

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  7. Once he was home from work, we were both dressed to the hilt and the kids were in bed our official prom date began. A friend of mine stopped over to take our prom pictures [because prom just isn't complete without the pictures! Then we headed out onto our back patio for dinner. I had the patio decorated with lights, a large poster with our theme and stars, our dinner table, candles and music.

    It looked as close to prom as a patio could get! Our dinner consisted of a variety of hors d'oeuvre items, fresh fruit and desserts. I used what I could out of my own fridge without cooking and picked up the rest from a local deli so I wouldn't have to cook. I made personalized bowls and plates for the occasion that also served as our prom souvenirs.

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    We had a very romantic dinner over candlelight overlooking the city We have a fabulous view! Then I had a Prom playlist that incorporated music from our wedding reception and songs that I love now. We danced under the stars with a gorgeous view of the city lights. I couldn't have been more romantic! Once our prom came to an end and the clean up was finished there was only one thing left to make our night complete.

    What is that might you ask? We got in the backseat of our car that was parked in our garage and had our prom night make-out session. Our night couldn't have been more perfect.

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    I started the morning of our date by switching the bags inside his favorite two breakfast cereal choices. I had also slipped a simple invitation for a date inside each box for him to find when he filled his bowl. Then all day long I pulled silly and harmless pranks on him like handing him a glass of invisible kool-aid when he expected ice water. The possibilities for pranks are literally endless!