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They seem to use social network as a buzzword, versus what they actually are.


Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of business dlist internet stories and more. Jason The entirety of creation was just unmade and remade before my eyes as I read this. We are all doomed. MoHoTo I always thought dlist was a clever idea, extending hook up sites to a social networking model.

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It is a hook up site. Check out his blog.

He has some amazing coming out stories posted there. Look for mine, coming soon…. For the first time in my life, I was a single gay man.

I had the freedom to date or have sex with whomever I wanted. But first I needed to get back to me.

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Of course this meant hitting the gym big time. Coming off the winter, I was quite out of shape. I immediately began running, swimming and lifting regularly.

Within a short period of time, I got my body back to something that I could feel comfortable standing naked in a room with another human being. But there was a big problem. How was I going to meet other gay men. I hated the gay scene, and I had 1 gay friend who is all but married — car, apt and dog with boyfriend. With no local spot and no wingman, I was on my own.

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So, I turned to the internet. Casually sitting on the couch one night, I searched to find gay dating sites. Originally, I found DList. After sorting through a pile of trashy hook-up sites, I came across adam4adam.

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I made an account and began to check out the guys. Within no time, I realized I would never attract anyone without an attractive profile.

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So, I pulled back and started writing honestly about what I was looking for and added a conservative headless picture. Easy going guy looking for more than hookups. Travel, hit up bars, play tons of sports, go the beach, etc.

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  • When not working I stay fit. If I sound interesting to you, hit me up. Always up for meeting new people!