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Purvi Asha Negi enters the scene without her daughter. Sachin and Purvi give speech, and praise their parents for their togetherness, but somewhere Purvi is upset. She has been staying away from Arjun Rithvik Dhanjani for 20 years. Purvi is upset with her life and Teju asks her to forget Arjun. On the other hand, we see Purvi's daughter Pari hates her father as he cheated his mother.

Rithvik Dhanjani on girlfriend Asha Negi: We both are in no hurry to get married

Soham has five children of which one is Ankita Ankita Lokhande-Dual role. We are shown that her family struggles for survival and the family's burden is handled by Ankita, elder daughter alone. She takes care of her two brothers and two sisters.

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She is shown saying her brother Prashant that after she passes in her exam, she will get a job and makes him study. Ankita is shown as hardworking person who doesn't believe in God. Soham is shown as careless and drunkard person who doesn't respects any. He tortures family for money in order to drink. The show starts with Sholkas, and Archana tells that it has been 20 years that they are away from Mumbai and staying in Canada.

Manav and Archana will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary organised by their children. Purvi greets her mom Archana.

Purvi is seen discussing about the event with Teju. Sachin and Purvi praise their parents saying it's because of their 'Pavitra Rishta' that they are staying together. Manav and Archana's mothers are happy with their children and grandchildren.


Purvi is upset with her past. She remembers Arjun every now and then, and tears roll down her eyes. She says she hates Arjun for cheating her. She writes everything in a dairy. She adds it has been 20 years that they are living separately.

Asha Negi and her journey till date

Purvi is upset with Arjun as she doesn't know about Ovi and Arjun's baby. We all know that even Arjun didn't know the same, but Purvi misunderstands Arjun and says "it's all over", for their relationship. Pari's characters resemble her father's character working late night , which she expresses in front of her. But Pari says her mother Purvi not to mention about her dad Arjun. Though I am little nervous but I hope that I become a complete fearless person after getting out of the show".

They were not attracted towards each other in the beginning. They were not even friends but over a period of time they became friends and they found out that there could be more to their friendship.

Asha's parents were impressed by Rithvik which could mark the beginning of the conjugal process. On Marriage plans she said, "I and Rithvik both need time to settle down in our respective careers so marriage will take some time. I used to think Rithvik was a snob and full of himself. Much later as I got to know him better I discovered that he is a gem of a person and a great friend.

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We share a great bond". Eleven celebrity couples competed in the series.

Every week, the couples danced on themes set by the judges or the audience. Every week there was an elimination.

Pavitra Rishta: What’s brewing between Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi?

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